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Name Category Office or Chair Held Expiration Date
Reg Allen Monroe County At Large (Seat 2) Systems Operations Chair 3/31/2022
Bill Arnold Monroe County At Large (Seat 1)   3/31/2025
Jonathan Lindskoog Livingston County At Large (Seat 1)   3/31/2025
Alex Cook Livingston County At Large (Seat 2) Treasurer 3/31/2023 
Tom Coyle Monroe County CON (Seat 1)   3/31/2025
Jeremy Cushman Regional Medical Director   N/A
Tim Czapranski Monroe County EMS Coordinator   N/A 
Karen Dewar Livingston County EMS Coordinator   N/A 
Aaron Farney REMAC Representative   3/31/2025
Tim Frost At Large EMS Agency (Seat 3)   3/31/2023 
James Cassin At Large EMS Agency (Seat 4)   3/31/2025 
Ed Erbland EMS Training/Education Training & Ed Chair 3/31/2024
Michael Hoskins At Large EMS Agency (Seat 2)   3/31/2023 
Timothy Kelly Livingston County At Large (Seat 3) Vice Chair 3/31/2025
Thomas Kirchoff Monroe County At Large (Seat 3)   3/31/2025
Geordie Klueber Livingston County BLSFR   3/31/2023 
John Williams Monroe County BLSFR (Seat 1)   3/31/2024
Mark Philippy At Large EMS Agency (Seat 1) Council Chair 3/31/2025
Eric Rathfelder Law Enforcement   3/31/2023 
Merideth Smith Community   3/31/2025
Samuel Tinelli Livingston County CON Secretary 3/31/2023
Ahmed Mustafa Monroe County At Large (Seat 4)   3/31/2024
Andrew Perez Monroe County CON (Seat 2)   3/31/2024
Megan Puls Healthcare Representative (Seat 1)   3/31/2024
Vacant Healthcare Representative (Seat 3)    
Vacant Healthcare Representative (Seat 2)    
     UPDATED: August 4, 2021